Traveling for Thanksgiving? Don't forget to pack these 3 essentials...

Inspired by Dawn's 3 packing essentials for Thanksgiving travel

Whether you're driving across town or flying cross-country for your Thanksgiving festivities this year, make sure you don't leave home without these essentials...

  1. Medications - Don't take a holiday from your medication. Make sure you organize what you need, and when, whether you'll be gone for several hours or days. Try the Style Rx pill box case and even Aunt Edna won't know that you've got a pill box with you!
  2. Phone Chargers - If you're using your phone's GPS to get to your destination or just frequently checking the Thanksgiving sales, you may want a charger to juice up your phone while you're away. Consider bringing a car adaptor phone charger for emergencies as well.
  3. Hostess Gift - No matter what the host / hostess says, don't go empty handed. Bring a small flower arrangement (in a vase), a soy candle, a bottle of gourmet olive oil, an ornament for their Christmas tree, or some other small but thoughtful gift to thank them for welcoming you on Thanksgiving.

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