How to Leverage the Power of Personal Style

Inspired by Dawn believes in bringing style to life and leveraging style for purpose, much like Stacy London

When you wake up not feeling your best do you reach for your all black "uniform" and sulk off to work or do you reach for an outfit that you know you look good in? The one that forces you to walk a little taller and gives you a little swagger to take on your day? If it's the latter than you realize the positive power that style can have on you. You use style to help you define you and present your best self to others. It's an idea that Inspired by Dawn has espoused since we launched the brand by taking everyday necessities and turning them into stylish accessories!

That's why we were excited to hear one of our style mavens - Stacy London of  What Not to Wear fame - speak recently to a sold-out crowd about finding and defining your own style and using it for good. She emphasized that what we choose to wear out into the world each day speaks volumes about us and our assets or insecurities. So each morning when we open our closet we have a choice - we can choose to express our personality and strength or call attention to our insecurities. We know what we choose - Bringing style to life!

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