What You Can Do Now to Ease the Post-Time Change Monday Fog

Inspired by Dawn offers tips on facing the Monday after time change refreshed

Mondays are usually hard. Mondays after a time change are often brutal. So with a couple days left before you have to turn the clocks back, here's a few ways you can help ease the pain that you will likely be faced with Monday morning.

  • Start adjusting sleep schedules now - Try going to bed 15 minutes later each evening leading up to Saturday night.
  • Adjust meal times too - Eat at 6:15 tonight vs. your usual 6.
  • Get your vitamin D - Light exposure is critical to keep sleep / wake schedules in balance so make sure you get lots of time outside on Sunday, especially in the morning, and ideally for the next few days post-change.
  • Prepare your room - Make sure bedrooms have adequate window coverings so they are nice and dark, minimizing early morning bright sunlight. A sound machine is always a good option too in order to minimize early morning chirping.
  • Don't engage too early - If you still wake up early give yourself a chance to doze or relax with a book until an appropriate wake-up time.

With a few changes now, hopefully you can face Monday without the fog!

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