How to Bounce Back from a Fun, Festive & Indulgent Weekend (And Make it All the Way to Friday!)

Inspired by Dawn shares Real Simple's tips for regrouping after a long July 4th weekend

You ate. You drank. You stayed up late. You had lots of summertime, July 4th fun. For four days straight! And now you're back. Wednesday is your Monday this week. But the part that makes this "Monday" all that much bearable is that the weekend is only 24 office hours away. By the time lunch time rolls around you're already on your way to the weekend. Well played, 2017 calendar, well played.

Despite this positive take on things, If you still need a couple more ideas to help you bounce back from a fabulous weekend and get to another, you'll want to check out Real Simple's article on just this very subject.

Ready-made for you by Real Simple on this Wednesday / Monday, and packaged and delivered to you by Inspired by Dawn. We're always thinking!

Happy 3-day Week!!

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