4 Effortless Steps to Add Signature French Flair to Your Friday | Bastille Day

Inspired by Dawn's steps to a stylishly French Friday evening in honor of Bastille Day

Friday is Bastille Day, France's version of Independence Day, and one more good reason to celebrate a summer Friday, with a dash of French flair. Traditionally, aside from watching fireworks and attending dances at fire stations, the French prioritize a leisurely meal celebrating with family and friends.

Fortunately that type of celebration also fits a warm summer evening in July! So round up a few friends and do Independence Day part two - French style. Here's how to get started...
  • Stock the Ice Bucket with Rosé and Champagne
  • Assemble a elegantly Simple Cheese Plate
  • Slice up a Baguette and Arrange a Selection of French treats (macarons, eclairs, tarts)
  • Place some Flowers in a vase and Stream some French music

Vive La France!

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