Spring Break Travel Plans Include Flying? 4 Pre-Trip To Dos for an Easier (and Healthier) Flight

Inspired by Dawn shares 4 easy to dos to make flying a little easier and healthier this spring break

If you're traveling for Spring Break next week and your plans include flying, you know it's going to be stressful. It always is these days. No matter how much you plan ahead.

So we've put together a list of four easy things to do before your flight to make it just a little easier (and healthier!).

  1. Be in the Know - Download a flight tracking app that will automatically alert you of any flight delays for your itinerary. Travel + Leisure suggests FlightStats (free, iOS only)
  2. Carry-On Essentials - Don't forget your medications and/or vitamins that you normally take and definitely don't pack them in your checked luggage. Keep them close at all times (and organized) in your carry-on bag
  3. Know Thy Size - Speaking of carry-ons, check to make sure yours is within your airline's size guidelines. Airlines seem to be getting stingier on this all the time so just check and avoid an unnecessary surprise at the airport
  4. Stay Healthy - Pack a couple of anti-bacterial wipes in a sandwich baggie for wiping down the tray table, arm rests and even your hotel's remote and light switches when you get to your destination. Hopefully you can stave off a cold or flu and avoid being sick for your return trip home

Safe travels!

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