How to Hold Onto Your Post-Vacation Glow in 2 Steps

Inspired by Dawn offers tips on keeping that vacation glow post-vacation

If you're lucky enough to be traveling this week, hopefully you've been able to unplug, truly relax and connect with family and / or friends. It's always amazing what a little change of scenery and routine can do to reinvigorate a person's soul. But how do you hold onto that refreshed feeling once you've returned to real life? In case, you need some ideas as the week wraps up here's few tips from the experts and a New York Times article from two years ago...

The first tip is the joy of planning, but since you've already done that we'll skip to the reentry portion of vacationing. Once you're back practice steps one and two early and often.

Step #1 - Reminisce - Essentially give yourself reasons and opportunities to relive your vacation with fondness. Pictures, foods, souvenirs, etc. serve as easy ways to look back with fondness on your time away and remember the good feelings and emotions attached to it.

Step #2 - Retreat - Give yourself permission to go to your vacation spot in your mind whenever you need to. When the stress of reentry is building give yourself two minutes to go away in your mind. Relish that sunset again or feel the sand between your toes. It will likely refocus you and reduce your stress.

Focus now on sensing the experiences this week, that'll help you next week as you immerse yourself in your normal life. Then start planning your next trip!

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