Summer Essential | Sunscreen - How To Choose One You Can Use All Summer Long

Inspired by Dawn offers tips on choosing summer essentials - sunscreen

Summer starts this weekend! Well, maybe not technically, but close enough. It's time to prep for summer fun with an ounce of prevention. Few things can derail a fun summer day than a sunburn, to say nothing of the long-term health and aging-effects. Which makes sunscreen a summer essential for everyone, all summer long.

So how do you choose a good sunscreen that will protect you all summer? Here's a few tips from the American Cancer Society...

  • Look for "Broad Spectrum" Protection - This means the product is protecting you from both UVA and UVB rays. So it prevents sunburn and it provides increased protection again skin cancer and premature aging
  • Start at SPF 30 - This level of sunscreen filters out about 97% of UVB rays and is a recommended starting point for most people
  • "Water-resistant" is a good option - But remember there are no "waterproof" sunscreens and all sunscreens need to be reapplied at least every two hours and after swimming, toweling off or sweating

Here's a few more usability tips:

  • Remember that sunscreen is only helpful if you use it. So choose one that you like the feel / smell of and apply religiously 
  • Shake your sunscreen before applying to ensure the active ingredients are blended
  • Toss out old sunscreen. Just like medications, many sunscreens now have expiration dates so check them and discard if they're pass their prime.

Happy start of summer!

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