Traveling Abroad this Summer? 7 Must-Dos Before You Go

Inspired by Dawn gives 7 To Dos Before Leaving for International Travel

You love to travel, right? You're always up for an adventure - near or far. Well, with a strong dollar and increasing airline capacity, especially for European destinations, perhaps an overseas trip is part of your plans this summer. And if not, maybe you should start booking.

But you also know an extended overseas trip takes a bit more planning. There's all the things you should do before you leave your house for any trip - click here for a handy vacation checklist. But traveling to a different country comes with a couple more To Dos before you leave. Below are our best tips to set you up for success for wherever your passport takes you this summer.

  1. Alert your credit card company - You don't want them to put an unexpected fraud hold on it when they suddenly notice charges in a foreign country - by you!
  2. Notify your cell phone provider - You'll want to understand how you can and should use your cell phone while abroad to avoid any astronomical bills on the back end.
  3. Double check your passport - You've done this already, but check again. Make sure your passport is not set to expire within the next six months since some countries can refuse you entry based on a too-soon expiration date. 
  4. Make a copy of your passport - Keep a copy of your passport with you but apart from your real passport when traveling. Just in case...
  5. Don't forget power converters - Buy or borrow power converters that will enable you to charge and use your devices while you're at your destination.
  6. Bring jump drive for photos or files - If you're visiting friends or family while on your trip you may want to toss in a jump drive to carry or bring home photos or files. It beats lugging around a laptop.
  7. Pack your medications and vitamins in your carry-on - Pack essentials - including medications - in your carryon. You don't want to end up inadvertently separated from something you have to have for your health.
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