The 10 Stylishly Curated Essentials to Make Room For in Your Summer Beach Bag

Inspired by Dawn's style essentials for summer fun

It's official. Summer is here. As of Monday evening summer officially started. It's time to hit the beach, the pool, the park and soak in summer. So here's the 10 essentials for summer fun with style. Make some room in your bag for these and enjoy a stylishly fun summer.

  1. Sunglasses - You can never go wrong with a classic style
  2. Lip Balm / Gloss - Sheer shine will always look fresh and effortless
  3. Cover Up - Add a dash of style at the pool or the beach
  4. Hat - Don't leave home without one
  5. Sunscreen - We prefer our SPF without the extra chemicals
  6. Towel - Find an absorbent, XL large one for all day use
  7. Style Rx - Stash your daily dose so you don't miss your daily vitamin or medication
  8. Reusable Water Bottle - Keep hydrated all day long
  9. Hand Sanititizer - Clean up before indulging in refreshing pool-side nibbles
  10. Good Book - Get lost in a page-turner and relax

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