5 Secret Must-Pack Items and Tricks to Surviving A Summer Road Trip with Littles

Inspired by Dawn shares secret tips and trips for road tripping with little kids

It's a time-honored tradition - the summer road trip. A full-tank of gas, tunes queued up and nothing but the open road ahead. There's romance to it, right? Well not if you've got kids under 12 in tow. Then it becomes a seemingly endless refrain of "Are we there yet?", "I have to go to the bathroom" and "[Insert Sibling's Name] won't stop touching me!".

So we came up with some survival tips to make your summer road trip just a little bit easier.

  • Give a fixed amount of money to each child per hour of no whining, complaining, etc. ($0.50 / hour / child for peace)
  • Food - keep their bellies full with snacks - healthy, and some that are car trip-only treats
  • Toys - new, inexpensive toys such as a beach ball or sand bucket and shovel that they can use at their destination
    • Portable DVDs
    • iPads with new apps, movies and games
      • Coloring
      • Story books or novels depending on the age of the kids
        Dry Erase Boards
        • For doodling
        • Games: Tic, Tac, Toe; Hangman; etc.
          Water Bottles
          • Fill up reusable bottles for each kid that they can use throughout the trip and reach on their own

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