What to Eat & Avoid to Fend Off the Flu This Season

Inspired by Dawn offers tips to build immunity and avoid the flu

You've heard all about the severe flu season we're experiencing. If you've managed to avoid it thus far, kudos to you!

But do you know how to keep your immunity strong and increase your chances of avoiding the flu altogether? The recommendations are easy really - get lots of sleep and nourish yourself with simple, whole foods that help give you the immunity boost you need to beat the flu. Here's the foods to make sure you're putting on your plate now to stay healthy. Good luck!

  • Olive oil - Such an easy, tasty switch to make. Supports the building blocks for white blood cells - the immune system's front line
  • Citrus fruits - Always interesting how nature's growing cycle coincides with what our bodies need. Prime citrus months equal prime cold and flu months. Coincidence? Absolutely not!
  • Fish - Not eating fish yet? It's really time to start. Try to eat it at least once a week to help reduce inflammation and get your dose of Omega-3s
  • Mushrooms - Research has shown mushrooms support the body's white blood cells in fighting bacteria and infections
  • Avoid sugar - Sugar seems to undo the good that the above foods do for your immune system by impairing white blood cells so try to minimize sugar especially during cold and flu season

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