1/2 Way Through Your Summer Bucket List? If Not, Get Started Now

Inspired by Dawn encourages making a bucket list for the last 1/2 of summer

While we're only technically a few weeks into summer (June 21), many consider mid-July the true middle of summer, falling roughly between Memorial Day and Labor Day. So are you half way through you summer bucket list? Did you make one? If not, it's not too late.

It's time to seize the peak of summer and make sure you wring every last bit of fun out of it! Sit down by yourself, or perhaps with your significant other and/or kids and figure out your priority list for the rest of summer. What do you want to do (or not do!) so that you leave nothing on the table and can look back at Summer 2017 with a sense of satisfaction? It's your summer. Make a list, and make a plan.

Ready, set, summer!

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