How To Pull Off A Girlfriend Getaway This Summer

Inspired by Dawn highlights the need to make room for a girlfriend getaway this summer

Next weekend marks the "official" start to summer and if you're like us probably half your summer weekends are already accounted for. How does this happen? It's incredible.

However, an article we came across earlier this week got us to thinking. Do any of those summer plans include some time with your girlfriends? Sadly, ours don't. Sure your summer weekends are filled with family and great friends - old and new - but not with just your girl posse. Which we all know time spent with other women - who really get you - is invaluable. So how do we build more of it into our lives - this summer, and all year round?

Here's that great how-to that got us to thinking from Real Simple's editor. Some of it is a bit ambitious - one person planning a surprise trip for the rest of the group. Uh, no thank you. Too much effort / pressure. But several other ideas are just so practical, and spot-on - e.g. when searching for a rental home, comfy couches are top of the list for lots of lounging and wine-sipping. Priorities straight!

So hopefully this too will be the inspiration you need to carve out a weekend this summer - before the entire summer is scheduled - to corral your girlfriends for some quality reconnect time. Just make sure there's good couches and lots of wine! Cheers to great girlfriends!

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