4 Simple Ways to Make the Most of Your 3-Day Weekend

Inspired by Dawn's tips for making the most of your 3-day weekend

Everybody loves a 3-day weekend. A little more time to unwind, recharge or even plan a little getaway. What's not to love? So it got us to thinking - how can we make the most of those three precious days to give us an extra dose of rejuvenation? Here's a few easy ways to help you make every one of those 72 hours count!

  • Plan a getaway but don't go too far - Try to make your destination within two hours travel time so you can start your mini-vacation as soon as possible
  • Focus on something you've been wanting to do - Take the time to research and plan your real 7+ day vacation or to work on a hobby that you love but never have enough time for
  • Plan one indulgence - Book a spa appointment, enjoy brunch with friends, do something that you normally don't have time for on a regular weekend
  • Give yourself permission to do nothing - If you've been burning the candle at both ends, don't book anything. Plan for a weekend of binge-watching, reading and take-out

However you choose to spend your weekend, have a great one!

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