7 Stylish Travel Essentials for A Carefree End of Summer Getaway

Inspired by Dawn's 7 Stylish Travel Essentials to pack for a end of summer getaway

Itching for one last getaway before the unofficial end of summer? If so, here's what to pack to keep you looking effortlessly stylish no matter where your travels take you - mountains, beach, staycation and anywhere in between.

  1. Versatile Tote Bag - Grab your favorite, generously sized, go-anywhere tote and fill it with the usual wardrobe and beauty essentials, plus these other stylish travel essentials
  2. Swimsuit - Even if your plans don't specifically call for it, you never know when you're going to stumble upon a secluded beach or find that your hotel has a great spa-like pool that is not to be missed. Always be ready to dive right in!
  3. Corkscrew -  Also in the category of always being ready - have a corkscrew handy. It's okay if it's at the bottom of your bag, just as long as it's in there. Don't want to miss out on a good bottle, especially at that secluded beach
  4. Wrap / Large Scarf - Of course use it fend off a chill on a pre-fall evening but also put it to good use as an instant splash of color for a basic outfit or use as a makeshift beach blanket
  5. Flip Flops - Pick up a pretty pair to stroll around in or to just wear around your hotel or rental home instead of bare feet
  6. Sunglasses - These fall into the never leave home without them category. Obvious purpose but also can stand in as a impromptu headband if needed
  7. Pill Box - A definite essential. Effortlessly stay on top of your vitamins, medications, etc while you break from your routine in every other way on your weekend getaway. Grab a Style Rx pill box and your travel companions will never know it's your daily can't miss dose. You'll just look stylishly put together!

So grab your bag and head out for one last stylish summer adventure. There's no time to waste!

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