7 End of Summer Travel Essentials with Go Anywhere Style + Travel Experts Must Pack Lists

Inspired by Dawn's stylish list of must-pack travel accessories plus must-pack lists from travel experts

Labor Day weekend, the unofficial bookend to summer, is just over a week away. If you're hoping to squeeze one more carefree summer trip in before all focus turns to Fall, then we're here to help. Below is our go-to must-pack list for stylish weekend getaways, as well as some of our favorite must-pack lists from travel experts across the media spectrum. (No fake news here!) So get packing and enjoy one last beautiful gasp of summer!

Must-Pack List for Stylish Weekend Getaways
  • Versatile Tote Bag - Grab your favorite, generously sized, go-anywhere tote and fill it with the usual wardrobe and beauty essentials, plus these other stylish travel essentials
  • Swimsuit - Even if your plans don't specifically call for it, you never know when you're going to stumble upon a secluded beach or find that your hotel has a great spa-like pool that is not to be missed. Always be ready to dive right in!
  • Corkscrew -  Also in the category of always being ready - have a corkscrew handy. It's okay if it's at the bottom of your bag, just as long as it's in there. Don't want to miss out on a good bottle, especially at that secluded beach
  • Wrap / Large Scarf - Of course use it fend off a chill on a pre-fall evening but also put it to good use as an instant splash of color for a basic outfit or use as a makeshift beach blanket
  • Flip Flops - Pick up a pretty pair to stroll around in or to just wear around your hotel or rental home instead of bare feet
  • Sunglasses - These fall into the never leave home without them category. Obvious purpose but also can stand in as a impromptu headband if needed
  • Pill Box - A definite essential. Effortlessly stay on top of your vitamins, medications, etc while you break from your routine in every other way on your weekend getaway. Grab a Style Rx pill box and your travel companions will never know it's your daily can't miss dose. You'll just look stylishly put together!

  • Travel Experts Must-Pack Lists
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