5 Family-Friendly Health Habits to Start Now for Back to School

Inspired by Dawn shares tips for a healthy start to the school year for the whole family

The start of the new school year is a lot like the start of the new year. It's a time to take a look at the habits we've formed over the summer months and consider which ones we might want to adjust. Like January, back to school time is a great chance to assess what we might want / need to change and reboot to ensure a healthy start to the school year. And the changes don't have to be just about the kids. Most of us could benefit from these healthy habits too. So get the whole family involved for a healthy start to the school year.

  1. Reset bedtimes - Long, warm summer nights often call for later bedtimes, but with earlier morning schedules on the horizon it's important to start adjusting early. Experts suggest starting about 7-12 days in advance. It's also a good idea to determine the ideal number of hours of sleep for you and your kids and set bed times to allow for those amounts.
  2. Stock up on healthy breakfast foods - Figure out what foods you and your family will eat to power them through their morning and consider prepping them ahead of time. Boil hard boiled eggs on Sunday. Stock up on fruit and peanut butter. Make a batch of whole grain muffins and freeze them. Prep fruits and veggies for a smoothie the night before.
  3. Get check ups and vaccines - Make sure everyone's doctor visits are up to date, along with vaccines. Don't forget vision checks and dentist visits as well.
  4. Organize everyone's health needs - Resolving to start taking a multivitamin or ensuring your son doesn't miss his probiotic? Preload a week's worth of doses into a pill box case like the Style Rx and keep it on the counter as a visual reminder to not miss a dose. Daughter has a food allergy? Give her a stylish case to discreetly carry her EpiPen® in so she can take it wherever she goes.
  5. Recommit to dinner time - As days become more structured and increasingly busy for all family members, build time in to reconnect around the dinner table. Have everyone share the best part of their day to stimulate discussion. Reap the many benefits later.
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