4 Tips for Embracing the Last Days of Summer

Inspired by Dawn's tips for embracing the last days of summer

Summer doesn't officially end for more than a month, but if you have school age kids in your life you know that the carefree days of summer end long before September 22. And unofficially a lot of summer related venues and activities wrap up  by Labor Day - which this year in September 5th.

But what about all those summer fun must-dos that just haven't been accomplished yet? Certainly there's more fun to be had before everything turns to pumpkins and fall-motif, right? So how do you make the most of the last days of summer? Here's a few tips from Inspired by Dawn...

  • Make a Must-Do List - Sit down and make a list of what you'd still like to do before the days get shorter and outdoor activities require a jacket
  • Prioritize - Decide which are must-dos and which are maybes. Also, check venue calendars and hours to help you prioritize
  • Plan it Out - Is the pool open through Labor Day? Is the amusement park only open on weekends now? Plot out your must-dos on your calendar to see which you can make happen. Many outdoor activities can still be enjoyed well into September so plan that hike or camping trip for later in the month
  • Be Spontaneous - While seemingly at odds with the above tips, remember that the spirit of summer is the freedom that comes from less structured days. So even once school starts remember to still embrace spontaneity - do a post-school ice cream run, pack up dinner and have a picnic in the park. Hold onto the spirit of summer!

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