Back to School List Include an EpiPen®? If So, Don't Forget A Carrying Case

Style Rx designer pill box case can double as a discreet and secure Epi Pen carrier for high school and college students

The back to school photos and posts have started for some. For others there's still a few more weeks before backpacks are loaded with back to school supplies. And while an EpiPen® won't make the official supplies list, it's not something any parent with food allergies wants to forget.

In elementary school it might be as simple as sending one in to the classroom teacher and/or school nurse. But middle school, high school and college students, more often than not, do not want to carry them because of their bulk, inconvenience or even embarrassment.

A study from Nationwide Children's Hospital Allergy Clinic backed that up by showing that 60% of children coming to the clinic did not have their epinephrine with them. Of the 40% who did have their self-injectable epinephrine with them, nearly 50% were carrying an expired device.

So help your older child(ren) keep this life-saving medication with them anywhere. The EpiPen fits perfectly into the Style Rx pill box case (minus the pill box insert!) and the case's magnetic closure and sturdy construction will protect the device from damage from random backpack contents. (What do they keep in there anyway?!?) Plus, the two vibrantly colored designs will enable kids to carry them without embarrassment.
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Check your child's EpiPen expiration date. If it's expired or about to expire make sure to order a new one and surprise them with a stylishly discreet case to ensure they have their EpiPen if they should ever need it.

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