End of Summer Road Trip? 5 Stay Healthy Tips for Getting to Your Destination

Inspired by Dawn's ideas for eating healthy on an end of summer road trip

Do you have one last summer road trip that you're trying to make happen before the summer ends? If so, you want to get to your destination quickly and safely so you can maximize your vacation time. But like it or not there are two things that can't avoid, and that will likely slow you down - bathroom breaks and nourishment.

While there is nothing you can do about the first. There are plenty of things you can do to help nourish yourself and your passengers on your last road trip of the summer. Here's a few ideas...

  • Hydrate - Pack refillable water bottles for everyone in the car. Obviously this addresses thirst and hydration, but also often has the added benefit of quashing hunger so you can get a few more miles in before that meal break
  • Snacks - Sure you could grab a bag of chips and call it a day but you'll end up eating a bunch of empty calories that will leave you feeling lethargic. Instead plan ahead and bring some washed and cut up fruit and vegetables for easy grazing
  • Protein - If you're really ambitious toss an ice pack in a cooler and toss in some hummus, hard boiled eggs, cheese and/or greek yogurt for some satisfying, protein-rich snacks that are easy to eat on the go
  • Picnic - Need / want a stop but can't bear the thought of sitting in a restaurant? Grab a beach towel, a sarong or pack a tablecloth and spread your snacks out for a roadside picnic. Bonus, you can stretch and the kids can burn off some energy!
  • Healthy To Go Options - Okay so sometimes you just need to grab something right off the highway and go. For those times here's a great article from CNN on healthy fast food options to look for as you're hitting the road these last few weeks of summer

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