Girl Power (noun): Redefined

Inspired by Dawn gets inspired by U.S. Women's Soccer Team and their example of girl power

Girl Power. Those two words get thrown around a lot. Maybe even too much.

Yesterday the U.S. Women's Soccer Team won their fourth World Cup and second in a row. There are hardly words to express this impressive feat. These women bring passion and dedication to their sport. They work hard and never let up. As a result they dominated!

This team is one of the best examples of Girl Power. With them it's not an empty statement. It's a demonstration of what women can do when they work together to build each other up and work for a common goal.

So in honor of this impressive team and their achievement, let's honor them by encouraging others - women and men. Let's support each other and focus on the things we have in common, instead of the topics that divide us. Do something kind. Give the compliment. Spend the extra time with someone who will value it. Spread the Girl Power.

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