How to Find Your Go-To Method for Changing Your Perspective

Inspired by Dawn offers ideas on changing perspective for self-care when the world gets a little, or a lot, chaotic

Self-care. Perspective. We all need these things... sometimes more than others. And with the events of the past month ranging from natural and man-made disasters, many could probably use an extra dose right now. So here's an article from Real Simple where they asked busy people from various backgrounds what they do to take a break and regain their perspective. From playing more, to immersing themselves in nature to enjoying a family meal - they varied widely in their method but had clarity about what worked for them.

Do you know what works for you? If not, take a minute, or five and remember in this crazy, chaotic world what helps you change your perspective and care for yourself. And then, most importantly, make the time to do it.

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