Going Beyond Breast Cancer Headlines | Staying Focused on Reducing the Risk

Inspired by Dawn offers tips on making sense of breast cancer headlines and support overall health

You've seen them. Sensational headlines that tell you to do or not do (blank) to reduce your breast cancer risk. Insert exercise, consuming alcohol, eating meat, etc., etc. We all want to find the secret sauce, right? You want to know the one thing we should focus on doing, or not doing, to help you avoid breast cancer. You're busy, your brain is full, you want simple. But unfortunately, our bodies are complex and so is this disease. As of yet, there is no one simple, easy fix.

So here are two good resources to help you filter through all the headlines and make sense of the research...

- Cutting Through the Breast Cancer Clutter
- Today's Alcohol and Breast Cancer Headlines are Wrong: Here's How News Stories Could Have Done Better

A quick skim of either of these articles helps you put the latest headlines in context. Reading more critically may not lead you to an easy fix but it does help remind you of all the factors that can reduce breast cancer risk. A complicated disease requires a multi-pronged approach. So remember to eat well, drink less alcohol, exercise more and get regular mammograms, at least until we really find the "secret sauce"!

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