Rx: Prevention | A Simple Tool to Assess Women's Cancer Risk

Inspired by Dawn shares a women's cancer health assessment tool for awareness and wellness

Prevention. It kind of goes with the often-cited Boy Scout motto of "Be prepared." As women we want to be prepared and hopefully prevent serious health conditions by being informed and taking good care of our bodies and minds. And being prepared, especially when facing the c-word, often means facing our risk factors head-on with a generous dose of prevention.

Many of us probably already know that coming up in just a few short weeks is National Breast Cancer Awareness month, but did you know September is National Ovarian Cancer Awareness month? These two cancers seem to impact nearly all of us in some capacity or another - whether it be our diagnosis, or fear of a diagnosis considering known risk factors, or a mother, daughter, sister, aunt or friend who has fought courageously.

So in the spirit of prevention and awareness we wanted to share this resource - Assess Your Risk from the organization Bright Pink. The assessment tool asks you a few short questions about your health history and daily habits and generates personalized risk levels for breast cancer and ovarian cancer independently. It's definitely a tool to use in your own prevention tool box, especially in September and October. Prevention is Power!

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