9 Tips to Stay Healthy at Work This Cold and Flu Season

Inspired by Dawn's tips to stay healthy at the office during cold and flu seasons

Cold and flu season is just around the corner. And if you work in an office with others you are at increased risk. So here are 9 easy ways to help you and your coworkers stay healthy this cold and flu season.

  1. Take time for lunch, ideally away from your desk
  2. Make a habit of taking your vitamins and medications
  3. Stash healthy snacks for mid-afternoon cravings
  4. Hydrate. Keep a water bottle within arms reach and tote it to meetings too
  5. Take the stairs in between meetings and set up walking meetings with a colleague
  6. Wipe down your desk, mouse, keyboard, phone, etc. at least weekly with an antibacterial wipe
  7. Keep tissues at the ready for you and your co-workers
  8. Get your flu shot for yourself and for those who are not able to
  9. Go home and stay home if you're not feeling well

Hopefully, these tips will keep you and your co-workers healthy all season long.

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