Is Fall Decluttering a Thing? 5 Simple Steps to a More Organized Closet, Drawer, Etc.

Inspired by Dawn simplifies for Fall with decluttering tips for better organization

You've heard of spring cleaning but what about fall decluttering? Is it even a thing? Well we're not sure if it's a real thing or not but it's definitely something that has taken hold around here. In the weeks leading up to back to school and the weeks since we've been cleaning out closets and drawers, recycling and reselling and generally just doing a good clean out and getting organized.

Is it a need for order or a desire to simplify? Or both? Who knows but it does feel good to us. It has taken some time. Tackling one task at a time, in between filling orders, running to meetings and checking homework. But the reward is a sense of lightness and order that we've obviously been lacking.

So if you're looking to spark this decluttering streak in your house here's a few tips to get started.

  1. Identify the Hot Spots - Select a closet or drawer to focus on rather than a whole room. This will allow you to be more focused and make the task more manageable. 
  2. Make a Schedule - Assign yourself one hot spot to tackle each week and schedule a time to tackle it. Again this keeps it manageable and you accountable.
  3. Come Prepared - Have a bag for garbage, another for paper recyclables and a box or two for give away items and for items to go to other rooms, closets, etc.
  4. Share your System - Hopefully in this process you've decluttered and set up a better way to organize the items that belong in the space. Communicate your new organization to those in your family that use that space so they too can help maintain the order you've worked to achieve 
  5. Take a Deep Breath - Celebrate the completion of each task and enjoy your newly organized spot. For many of us, an uncluttered space reduces stress. So enjoy!

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