Pausing to Appreciate Fans of the Style Rx

Inspired by Dawn appreciates the media, bloggers and customers who are fans of the Style Rx designer pill box case

We're taking a break today. We're not writing about travel, fashion, style or health. Active lifestyles and great gift giving can wait. Today we're focusing on the most inspiring part of the Style Rx and Inspired by Dawn -- our fans!

Whether our fans come in the form of top-notch media outlets like The Los Angeles Times, Real Simple or Miami Herald; influential travel, style or parenting bloggers; or thrilled customers who are eager to share their find with their friends -- we love them all and we consider ourselves fortunate to have them rooting for us.

Last week - heading into the Labor Day weekend - we were particularly inspired by a customer in Colorado who took the time to send us a message about her new Style Rx pill box cases...

"AWESOME PRODUCT!! Keep coming up with other great things and design patterns for the pill boxes...They really are beautiful!!!!!!!"

Of course, we were flattered! She was happy, and of course that made us really happy!

So if we haven't said it before - Thank You for being a fan of the Style Rx pill box, of Inspired by Dawn and for inspiring us with your kind words and support! We remain committed to bringing Style to Life, one stylish woman at a time.

Don't keep us a secret. Share "your find" with someone you know would appreciate (as much as you do!) the marriage of style and function that defines the Style Rx and Inspired by Dawn. Share this post, send them a link or show them your Style Rx! We love to hear from fans - new and seasoned!

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