Wait! Don't Put the White Away Yet | Post-Labor Day Style

Inspired by Dawn gives confidence to wearing white after Labor Day for inspired style all year long

Every year you hear the same adage about white after Labor Day. It's still somehow considered a no-no by many. But is it really?!? And why? Why does one date flip define the appropriateness of a color in your wardrobe?

We say you don't have to banish your white to the back of the closet and we've rounded up some advice from etiquette and style experts on how to keep wearing your white long past Labor Day with confidence!

Emily Post, queen of etiquette - has given her blessing to break this antiquated fashion rule and embrace the white in our wardrobes...

"Of course you can wear white after Labor Day, and it makes perfect sense to do so in climates where September’s temperatures are hardly fall-like. It’s more about fabric choice today than color. Even in the dead of winter in northern New England the fashionable wear white wools, cashmeres, jeans, and down-filled parkas. The true interpretation is 'wear what’s appropriate—for the weather, the season, or the occasion.'”

Celebrity stylist Robert Verdi:

  • "[pair] whites (whether they're jeans, a blazer, a bag) with a silhouette that is decidedly fall, like a navy velvet cigarette pant (that way it will look less summery)..."
  • White or cream tops: "They're seasonless—always in style."
  • White pants: "These can read the wrong season unless they're in a fall fabric. ...pair a white denim pant with a suede shoe and that's totally acceptable."

    Suze Yalof Schwartz, executive fashion editor at large at Glamour
    "Nothing is more chic than white jeans in the wintertime with a chunky cozy sweater or a blazer and leather boots"

    Stefani Greenfield, the co-founder of Scoop boutiques
    Always a fan of "a Jackie Onassis-inspired outfit: a black turtleneck with those white jeans, animal-print ballet flats and either a cuff bracelet or pendant necklace"

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