Sunday Celebrate Mom & Women's Health by Making This One Appointment

Inspired by Dawn honors Moms with health through National Women's Health Week
Inspired by Dawn celebrates Mom & Women's Health during National Women's Health Week
You already know Mother's Day is Sunday. But did you know Sunday is also the start of National Women's Health Week? It's the 18th annual week where we're all encouraged to make our health a priority. And since we're a company that truly believes in women's health ( + a little style!) we like to highlight it for our followers.

Sunday and the rest of the week is a great reminder to give ourselves permission to take care of ourselves. Take the steps, however small, to get healthy and stay healthy. Here's a few suggestions...

  • Definitely make that doctor appointment you've been putting off too long
  • Recommit to moving daily and / or eating healthier
  • Make sure you take your vitamins or medications daily, as your doctor advises
  • Carve out a few minutes each day to regain balance - meditate or pray
  • Make sleep a priority and seek healthy ways to manage stress
So in the midst of celebrating the great moms in your life - moms, grandmothers, mothers-in-laws, aunts, sisters, like-a-mom women, etc. - remind them to try a few of the suggestions above so you can continue celebrating them for many years to come.

In health and happiness - Happy Mother's Day!

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