Trading One Risk for Another: Why Vitamins and Supplements are Not Always the Answer

Inspired by Dawn blog highlights choice between vitamins and food choices for better health

You know the power of eating well - the right foods, in the right portions. A balanced diet gives you the vitamins and nutrition you need to stay healthy and active. But many of us also turn to vitamins and supplements to fill gaps in our diet and/or provide some extra insurance.

For some, this is unquestioned. The medical community almost unanimously agrees that pregnant women need to take prenatal vitamins, including DHA, throughout their pregnancy. But what about the rest of us? Do we really need vitamins in pill / capsule form to be healthy?

Just recently there's a study that shows calcium supplements may do more harm than good by trading one health risk for another. Often calcium supplements are prescribed for women to reduce the risk of osteoporosis but this latest study seems to be linking calcium supplements with increased risk to the heart with higher levels of plaques in arteries. Interestingly, this plaque buildup was not observed in those who did not take calcium supplements.

This is just one more reminder that the best thing we can do on a daily basis for our health is to consider what we're eating. And definitely talk to your doctor before adding vitamins or supplements to the mix.

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