3 Easy Kitchen Change-Ups for Healthier Eating in 2017

Inspired by Dawn shares 3 easy kitchen changes for healthier eating in the new year

You're a multi-tasker, right? Aren't we all? Even though the "data" says there's really no benefit to doing two things at once. You still do. You want to maximize your time and get more done, hopefully so you can enjoy more down time.

This thinking is why this article from Real Simple caught our eye - especially at the start of the new year. Clean up, declutter and eat healthier? We're in!

The article highlights 9 tricks to changing up your kitchen for healthier eating but they boil nicely into these 3 buckets...

  1. Clean off the counters - get rid of old newspapers, mail, appliances you don't use daily or don't support healthy eating (toaster vs blender); go ahead and leave a fruit bowl though!
  2. Downsize your dinnerware - eat dinner off your salad plates, pour yourself a drink in a tall skinny glass and leave the large serving bowls for special occasions
  3. Portion and snack control - make a big pot of something but freeze half of it right away, stash warehouse food purchases and snack foods in locations other than the kitchen so they're not easily accessible

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