6 Do-Able Tips for Forming Healthful New Years Habits

Inspired by Dawn offers do-able step by step tips to forming healthy habits for the new year

The new year often comes with promises to ourselves to live differently, to start anew. Whether it's about giving up a less then desirable habit or trying to create some new healthful ones, it seems to always be a challenge. So we're sharing some tips from an old LifeHacker article we came across on how to help yourself create some of those healthful, good habits for the new year. We're in it with you!

  1. Make sure your life is in order - Forming a new habit is hard enough. Don't try to do it when your life is already especially hectic
  2. Focus on one good habit - Don't overwhelm yourself. Choose one healthful habit at a time and focus
  3. Work yourself into it gradually - Set mini-goals for yourself. The first week I'll cook two meals at home, the next week three.
  4. Piggyback it with other, already-formed habits or routines - Tie taking a multivitamin each day to something you already do every day, e.g. put your daily pill box on your keyboard so you take your vitamin when you sit down to check emails in the morning
  5. Get an accountability buddy - The right, like-minded friend makes everything easier
  6. Give it time - It can take awhile to truly form a habit, so set yourself up for success with the above suggestions to keep yourself motivated and focused

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