Why You May Want to be Happy About Your Flu Shot This Fall

Inspired by Dawn highlights how mood may affect the flu shot's effectiveness

You know you're suppose to get your flu shot, right? Of course. Every Fall, preferably before flu season sets in you're suppose to find a doctor, nurse or pharmacist that can administer you a shot at immunity from 5-7 days of fever, chills and malaise during the winter season. Okay, got it.

But did you know how you feel when you get said shot could potentially affect the effectiveness of the immune boost?!? In a study published in Brain, Behavior and Immunity, preliminary research seemed to demonstrate a link between your mood when getting the flu shot and higher flu antibody levels weeks after receiving the shot. Researchers noted, "... the team speculates that there could be both a link between positive moods and healthier lifestyles, and a biological pathway linking the immune system and the brain mechanisms that regulate our moods."

Interesting potential link and one worth trying. So when you're scheduling your flu shot in the next few weeks it might worth planning it around something that truly makes you happy - lunch with a friend, a yoga class, manicure, etc. It can't hurt and it just may help! 

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